Track 1: Gravitation

Track 1 starts with several images of real life buildings, people walking, etc. A boy with a backpack is humming the Gravitation end theme and seen running through the subway.

In a room, a woman is interviewing three young boys. We find out that they are ASK, a band that has just debuted an album. They are currently under Seguchi Tohma's production company. ASK's next concert will feature a rookie band called Bad Luck, under Sakano's produce.

A teen boy and a man are standing against a brick pole, the man nervously checking his watch. The boy running and humming the Gravitation end theme comes running from the street. The teen boy calls out that he, Shuichi, is late. We see the boy's face for the first time as he bounces energetically over to the teen and the man.

At the side of a road by a small waterfall, the man is explaining his plans to the two teens on how they, Bad Luck, can become a successful band. The man, Sakano, tries unsuccessfully to get the teens to listen to him. He turns to Shuichi to find him sleeping.^^ Sakano freaks out.

At a cafe, the teen, Hiro, is reading the unfinished lyrics that Shuichi had written. He asks if Shuichi came in late on purpose, and Shuichi responds that he had to rescue a turtle on his way there. Hiro tells him that he should get a girlfriend to relieve him of stress. Shuichi asks Hiro if talent is suppose to be there naturally.

that night, Shuichi walks through a park alone. He looks out at the city and thinks about his talents. He takes out his unfinished lyrics and reads them. A rush of wind blows his lyrics away as he sneezed. Shuichi runs after it and sees that a shadowy figure at the other end of the park had caught the lyrics and was reading them. The man tells him that his writing skills are below the elementary level and that he has no talent. Shuichi falls to the floor heartbroken. ^^

The next day, Sakano freaks out in the recording studio because Shuichi didn't finish the lyrics. He jumps out the window, but luckily it was only 2 feet high, you couldn't get killed if you tried.^_^ Shuichi tells Hiro that a man had read his lyrics the night before, and told him that he had zero talent. Hiro does not feel insulted and tells Shuichi not to worry about it. But Shuichi couldn't forget about it while walking on the sidewalks on a rainy day. Shuichi thought the man was so cool looking. He hears some talk about a foreign car and looks to see a jet black car in the street. He recognized the driver immediately and runs to the middle of the street and in front of the speeding car, screaming "wait!" The car turns and comes to a sharp stop in front of Shuichi and splashes rain water all over Shuichi. The man Shuichi met yesterday stepped out and told him that if he wanted to commit suicide, do it in front of someone else's car. The man then takes Shuichi to his home and Shuichi confronts him about the incident the other night. The man repeats his insults about Shuichi not having talent.

Back at NG Productions, Seguchi Tohma is talking to Sakano and was just about to fire him when Shuichi crashes in and exclaims that he has the song finished. Back in a studio, Shuichi tells Hiro that he finished the song because the man keeps insulting him. Hiro asks if Shuichi found out his name, and Shuichi replies that he doesn't know. Hiro tells Shuichi that he has a thing for the man. Shuichi denies it. Hiro hints that he's had Shuichi all this time and now he's lonely. We find out that Hiro is in love with Shuichi, but Shuichi didn't have a clue until now. Hiro then tells Shuichi to go and confess his love. Sakano's been fiddling with the channels while Hiro and Shuichi were talking and he accidently puts on a channel with a reporter interviewing the man Shuichi had met. We find out that the man is Eiri Yuki, a popular romance novelist. Sakano finally pushes the right button and Shuichi's song came on. But Shuichi has gone to confess...

Shuichi confronts Yuki in front of his door and Shuichi demands that Yuki goes to listen to his concert. Just then, a woman comes out of the door and Yuki pretends to be on a date with Shuichi in order to fool the woman. The woman leaves angerly and Yuki tells him that he isn't interested in other guys. Yuki goes into an elevator but was intercepted by Shuichi. Shuichi tells him to leave him alone and asks him why he says such provocative things. Yuki backs him into a wall in the elevator, telling him to shut up and quit asking 'why.' He then leans forward and kisses Shuichi...

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