Track 2: Live in Soul

The track begins with Seguchi Tohma waiting at the airport. He looks over to see a man and a teen boy. The boy rushes over to Tohma and embraces him.^-^ Tohma tells him not to attract attention. We learn that The older man is named K, and he is the teen (Sakuma Ryuichi)'s manager.

In a performance room, Shuichi and Hiro are singing a song by Nittle Grasper, another band, instead of practicing their own song for Bad Luck. We learn that Sakuma Ryuichi is Shuichi's idol and that Ryuichi was part of Nittle Grasper but is now doing solo in America. Sakano comes in and freaks out, since they are not rehearsing. The band ASK then comes in and tells Bad Luck that their performance doesn't matter since they're only doing an opening act. Shuichi is furious while Hiro calmly counters that they'll stop rehearsing if ASK is afraid that Bad Luck will be too good. >:D Just then, a car comes crashing in and the woman with Yuki and Shuichi the day before steps out and takes Shuichi with her. The woman takes Shuichi to a quiet bar and we learn that the woman's name is Mika. Mika wants to ask Shuichi the favor of persuading Yuki to go home to his family. Tohma walks in and we find out that Tohma is Mika's husband. Mika tells Shuichi that he will have a strong backup for Bad Luck if he succeeds in persuading Yuki.

Back at Yuki's house, Yuki tells Shuichi that Mika is his sister. Shuichi brings up the subject of his relationship with his parents. Yuki figures out almost immediately that Mika had persuaded Shuichi to go and talk to him. He also figures out that Mika had arranged for the strong back up for Bad Luck if Shuichi agreed. Yuki tells him that he is not stupid enough to be persuaded by a kid. Shuichi grabs him and kisses him. He then confesses that everything Yuki thought was right, but it doesn't matter to him now. Shuichi thought he could help him, but Yuki didn't believe him and called him a liar.

Back at the bar, Mika was mad that Shuichi had rejected her offer. Tohma comments that it shows how serious Shuichi was about Yuki, and that Yuki has never encountered this type of person before. Shuichi went to Hiro's home and asks for his advice. Hiro told him that his thought of trying to help isn't a bad idea...and back in his home, Yuki reflects back to Shuichi telling him he's only trying to help...

The day of the concert, Sakano is again freaking out and nervous before the opening act, and Shuichi is psyched about the performance. Tohma, Ryuichi, and K have all come to see the performance as well. Shuichi is on stage and just about to start their song, "The Rage Beat," when he sees Yuki in the back of the audience. Shuichi is stunned and unable to move, while the crowd gets angry and demands for ASK. Ryuichi stands up and walks towards the stage, singing a Nittle Grasper song and calming the audience. Shuichi seemed to revive at Ryuichi's presence and is finally able to start the song. The crowd starts cheering and Ryuichi joins in with Shuichi to sing. Together they brung down the house. XDDDD

At Yuki's house, Shuichi asks why Yuki came, and Yuki wipes away Shuichi's tears and tells him that he doesn't understand him. Yuki then kisses Shuichi again...

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