Track 3: Stray Heart

Track 3 begins with Hiro arriving to pick up Shuichi on his motocycle. Hiro arrives to find a super happy Shuichi. From Shuichi's cute expressions, Hiro figures that something good's happened to Shuichi with Yuki. While riding on the motocycle, Shuichi asks for Hiro's advice. Shuichi isn't sure about his relationship with Yuki because they're both male. Hiro tells him that it doesn't matter as long as he's happy. Shuichi agrees, stands up on the motocycle and runs smack into a sign.^^

At the studio, Sakano is in low spirits. Sakano freaks out again as he apologizes to Tohma about the incident last night. He pleads to Tohma not to cancel the contract to back Bad Luck up. The president, however, was thinking the opposite. He plays Bad Luck's opening song from the night before and states that he sees a flaw in Bad Luck, and they will not be good unless they fix this flaw. Shuichi does not act calm about Tohma's comments and was certainly not happier when Tohma commented on getting a new member for Bad Luck. For Shuichi's intolerable behavior, Tohma fires Sakano as a manager, but keeps him as the producer. Sakano faints. ^^

In a room, Hiro and Shuichi are listening to Bad Luck's performance from the night before while Shuichi complains. Hiro notices the flaw and agrees with Tohma on that they should get a new member. Shuichi gets mad at Hiro and ends up slapping him. Hiro returns with a punch and they start fighting like crazy. Shuichi runs off, but not before he tells Hiro to slip on a banana peel and die.^-^

Shuichi sits along side a sidewalk feeling depressed. Ryuichi and K come by and try to comfort Shuichi. Ryuichi gives Shuichi his prized possession, Komaguro the bunny, to try to cheer Shuichi up.^^ He also pulls out all kinds of interesting things (wisdom tooth, yo-yo, cricket...) to try to cheer Shuichi up. Ryuichi finally reassures Shuichi that he can sing, and Shuichi gulps down a huge bottle of vinegar that Ryuichi pulls out, feeling refreshed. He starts walking off, slips on a banana peel and crashes into someone. The young teen introduced himself as Fujisaki Suguru, the newest member of Bad Luck.

At Yuki's house, Shuichi rambles on about Suguru and his day. Yuki gets tired of Shuichi's rambles and tells him to get out.

The next morning, Shuichi is called to listen to Suguru's new arrangement for Bad Luck's current song, The Rage Beat. Shuichi is stunned at Suguru's amazing talent as everyone in the studio runs to hear the new arrangement. When the arrangement was finished, Shuichi goes to the bathroom and starts tearing toilet paper out while muttering angerily about Suguru's talent.

Hiro visits Yuki at his mansion and warns Yuki that if Shuichi ever has any reason to cry other than his stupidity, he would not be forgiven. Yuki then goes to the park to comfort Shuichi.

At Yuki's home, Shuichi watches a videotape of Nittle Grasper's performance with Yuki. Yuki holds Shuichi's face and tells him that he's cute. The next day, Shuichi is in incredibly high spirits as he tells Tohma that he has no problem with the new member. Tohma mentions that Suguru is his cousin.^^

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