Track 4: Wave Shock

Track 4 begins when Shuichi decides to move into Yuki's mansion. Yuki is rather uncomfortable with this and fights hilariously with Shuichi, trying to keep him out. Shuichi wins the fight and Yuki says that they will try it for one week.

At the studio, Shuichi is again very energetic and in extremely high spirits. Suguru and Hiro figures it could only be about his relationship with Yuki. They were just about to start when K busts in the door with a handheld gun. They thought he was a robber and Shuichi starts freaking out about being kidnapped. K finally tells them that he's picking them up and that he is their new manager. K takes them to a TV station. Bad Luck finds out that they are going to substitute some people on a show. Shuichi is ecstatic, seeing that they're going on TV so soon. Sakano informs them that the show is a quiz show, not a music one, and that the band ASK is going to perform on a music show on this station as well.

At Yuki's house, Mika drops by and tells him to be careful in this relationship with Shuichi, since he's different from the other women that have approached Yuki.

Bad Luck meets up with ASK at the TV station, ASk insults Bad Luck, but Shuichi sounds mature for once and counters with an insult. Tachi, the vocalist of ASK, comes by and tells the other members to stop arguing with second class wannabes. The groups end on a sour note.

At the game show, Shuichi requests that if Bad Luck wins, they want to sing their song instead of getting a million yen. After some confusion, the show agrees to it. The show starts with Shuichi answering a simple question wrong. Hiro takes over and answers every one with a breeze. It came down to the last part of the show, called Dash Depot. One person from each team is suppose to run on a treadmill as fast as they can, and whoever can run fast enough to lit the light first will answer the question. Shuichi is running for Bad Luck. However, he cannot get the questions right even though he can run fast. Bad Luck is now behind, the last question is worth double its original value. Shuichi is not confident at first and doesn't even try. But when he heard the question: "...writes love stories, nominated for Japanese Literature Award, handsome, popular..." Shuichi starts running like crazy and does get the light lit first. He snarls out "Yuki Eiri" and was right.^_^ Bad Luck wins the game and got to sing their song on stage. Their song is broadcast live to the public, and the show's ratings skyrocketed.

In a home, a young girl sits on a bed in thought...she can't wait any longer...

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