Track 5: Winding Road

Track 5 begins with Bad Luck in the rehearsing studio practicing The Rage Beat. Shuichi keeps cutting off and saying that he needs a break. K busts in the door and announces that he has arranged for Bad Luck's first live concert to be in two days at Ruido, the same place where Nittle Grasper debuted. Suguru isn't too excited about the concert in two days, claiming that it was suicide. Shuichi becomes full of energy, but Suguru was getting pissed off.^_^

That night, Shuichi walks in the park with Hiro as they talk about the concert and Bad Luck's popularity. They notice a girl being confronted by two men. Hiro and Shuichi come to her rescue and beat up the guys. They take her to dinner and she introduces herself as Usami Ayaka. She has come to find someone, and won't go home to Kyoto without seeing that person. Hiro offers to find her a hotel, and Shuichi goes home to Yuki. A different person answers the door, and says that he is Tatsuha, Yuki's younger brother. They sit down to watch Nittle Grasper's performance. We find out that Tatsuha is obsessed with Ryuichi. Tatsuha comments that Shuichi looks like Ryuichi. He tells Shuichi that since he looks like his brother and Shuichi looks like Ryuichi, they can call each other by those names. Tatsuha pins Shuichi to the floor as Yuki walks in on them. Tatsuha tells Yuki that he's here to find a girl named Usami Ayaka. The next day, Hiro and Ayaka arrives at the studio with Hiro looking dead. (They'd gone to an all night karaoke) XD Shuichi had brung Tatsuha to the studio, but he wasn't the one Ayaka wanted to see. Shuichi finds out that Ayaka is Yuki's fiancee and takes her to see Yuki. He is sad to see Yuki treat Ayaka better than he treats Shuichi. Tatsuha tells Shuichi that he's a lot like Ayaka, having fallen for Yuki unexpectedly.

At Yuki's home, Yuki tells Ayaka that Shuichi is living with him. This was unexpected news to Ayaka and she was surprised...

At the rehearsing studio, Shuichi was just starting to sing again when Ayaka comes in and slaps Shuichi across the face. She tells Shuichi that there's no hope in his relationship with Yuki and that he should never be close to Yuki again.

The day of the concert, Suguru refuses to work with Shuichi. He thinks Shuichi's not up for it because of the incident the previous day. K holds a machine gun to Suguru's head and forced him to play. :P As Bad Luck walks onto the stage, Shuichi sees Yuki with Ayaka in the back. He hesitates for only a moment and then starts to sing. During the song, he has several flash backs and finally yells out "Yuki's MINE!" in the middle of the song. He finally realizes that he loves Yuki as much as he loves singing, and he will fight for Yuki to the end.

At Yuki's house, Yuki tells Shuichi that he is fine being Shuichi's lover...

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