Track 7: Ground Zero

In the beginning of Track 7, Shuichi wakes up at Hiro's house and flashes back to his assult earlier. He then goes to see K and Sakano and announces that he has decided to quit Bad Luck. K was certainly not happy about this and holds a gun to Shuichi's head, asking why before Shuichi even finished his sentence. K figures out that it has something to do with Yuki Eiri. Shuichi was just about to quit when Hiro came in and told him that Yuki had gone to see Aizawa Tachi.

At Tachi's, Yuki beats ASK as Tachi threatens to ruin his reputation as a novelist. Yuki backs Tachi off and demands to see the film. Tachi gives it to him and comments that he does not have the eyes of a novelist, but the eyes of a beast that could kill without regret. Shuichi comes and starts to bang on the door. Yuki comes out to find Shuichi dressed up as a girl. <_< Shuichi confronts Yuki about leaving him and fainted. He wakes up at Yuki's house, and Yuki tells him that he won't call him stupid, idiot, or annoying anymore. He will go away and disappear from Shuichi's life.

The next day, Shuichi announces calmly that he has given up on Yuki. Hiro, Suguru, K and Sakano were surprised. But Shuichi tells them that this way, he won't be a burden to Yuki and can concentrate on his work as a singer. That night, he goes out with Hiro and gets drunk. They were walking by Yuki's house when they meet up with Ayaka. Ayaka learns that Shuichi's given up on Yuki. She punches Shuichi and is disappointed in him because she thought their relationship was stronger. Shuichi learns that Ayaka has accepted Yuki's proposal to marry him the day before. Shuichi rushed off to Yuki's house to confront him, only to find him gone. Frustrated and torn, he spray paints the wall and cries. Tatsuha comes in then and tells Shuichi to come with him, it was his last chance.

At Yuki's father's temple, Yuki, Mika, and their father are awaiting for Ayaka's arrival. Tachi arrives and informs them that Ayaka is already here. The three turn to see a very scary looking Shuichi in a girl's dress and makeup. X.X Shuichi and Yuki go outside to talk and Shuichi tells Yuki that he loves him for who he is now, not what may have happened in the past. Shuichi wants to know everything about Yuki. Yuki tells him that he killed a man deliberately at home when he was 16 years old. Shuichi was speechless for moments, but when Yuki asked if he still loved him now, Shuichi was not fazed and says the past doesn't matter.

Hiro asks Ayaka if she's alright with Shuichi and Yuki as a couple. Ayaka knows that Yuki will not be happy being married to her, and she simply wants Yuki to be happy.

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