Track 8: Song and Song

Track 8 begins with Tohma walking into a bar, seeing Ryuichi and a pretty young girl beside him. The girl is shown to be Noriko.

At Yuki's home, Shuichi tells a half asleep Yuki that he's going to work. Yuki wakes up fully after a minute, surprised that Shuichi is still living in his house. Tohma appears from under Yuki's bed O.o and they sit down to have a talk. Yuki confesses that he doesn't want to remember his past, but he already has. Tohma figures that Shuichi is not the only one responsible for making Yuki remember his painful past. He has Aizawa Tachi in mind as well.

After hearing K and Hiro talk about Shuichi, Tachi cannot stand that Bad Luck is rising above ASK. He will not anyone surpass them... During an interview, another member of ASK busts in and tells Shuichi that Tachi has gone to see Yuki...

Tachi confronts Yuki at his home, but backs off when he sees Yuki's eyes. Again, he mentions that Yuki could have killed someone with those eyes. He threatens that he will find a weak point and bring Shuichi and Yuki down. Shuichi then crashes through the wall and 'comes to Yuki's rescue.' Tachi is incredibly mad as he runs off, cursing and thinking to himself. He is stopped by Tohma...

Back at home, Yuki is comforted by Shuichi. He agonizes that it's his fault, and now Shuichi is the same as he was. He confesses that he wanted to be with Shuichi, but he couldn't because he didn't want to betray others anymore. Shuichi holds him as Yuki crys onto his shoulder...

Back at the sidewalk, Tohma advances toward Tachi and backs him out onto the street, telling him that it was most unfortunate that he could not leave Shuichi alone. Tohma tells Tachi that Yuki is the person he cares most about in the world. He then reaches out and shoves Tachi into an oncoming car. The car stops just short of hitting Tachi and he is left sitting on the street, tramatized and shaken with fear.

At Yuki's house, Shuichi tries his best to comfort Yuki, and Yuki tells him to shut up, he hasn't cried in 6 years and now his head hurts.^^ Shuichi does succeed in cheering Yuki up a bit though, after saying something ridiculously stupid, Yuki smiles weakly.

Seguchi Tohma is seen on television announcing that he, together with Ryuichi and Noriko, formed Nittle Grasper and now they are reuniting after three years of separation. K then comes in and has big news once again. He informs Bad Luck that he has gotten them a place on Hit Stage, a popular and exclusive music show. But they find out from Noriko that they are only the opening act, since Nittle Grasper is the special guest.

At the president's office, Tohma tells Sakano to stop calling him 'President,' since Nittle Grasper has reunited and now Tohma is a producer just like Sakano. They are rivals from now on.

Bad Luck arrives at Hit Stage with K and Sakano. Nittle Grasper is already there, with Ryuichi on the stage playing with Komaguro. As Bad Luck is about to go on air, K says some encouraging words to Shuichi. He knows there's going to be some fierce competition and comparision going on between the two bands. Shuichi and the rest of Bad Luck feel confident when they were finished. However, as Nittle Grasper started, Shuichi became more and more unstable and fell to the floor sobbing...

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