Track 9: The Deepest Brain

This track begins with Yuki having another flashback of his past with himself and his older sensei (tutor/teacher). The memory clears and we see Yuki lying on a bed in a room with a physician. The physician tells Yuki that she will prescribe a stronger tranquilizer to help him endure the pain.

At the studio, Sakano announced that The Rage Beat debuted 16th on the ranks. However, Shuichi has been absent from work for a week, so K and Sakano are not happy about that. K brings out his machine gun, but Hiro insists that he will go talk to Shuichi. Shuichi tells Hiro that Ryuichi felt far away that day on Hit Stage. He must see Ryuichi as a rival now, not as an idol. Hiro comforts Shuichi and tells him that he has comfidence.

Meanwhile, K has gone to confront Yuki. He tells Yuki to boast Shuichi's confidence, as well as use the pairs ticket he has for Yuki.

Therefore, Yuki comes home to Shuichi and finds him packing everything that reminds him of Ryuichi away. Shuichi tells Yuki that he doesn't want to imitate Ryuichi anymore, so he doesn't want to be reminded of him. Yuki started to say something insulting, but a whistling noise passed close to his head and into a wall.^^ Yuki reverts to saying nice and convincing words, and Shuichi comments that Yuki's being extremely nice today. Yuki's nerve triggered and he retorted something negative. Instantly several whistling noises were heard and Shuichi is positive that they're being sniped at. XD Yuki then pulls out the pairs ticket and tells Shuichi that if he sells one million albums when his CD comes out, he will take Shuichi to the amusement park. Shuichi melts into a puddle. :P

The next day, Shuichi is incredibly confident and ambitious, making everyone surprised. Bad Luck then goes on all different tours, have photo shoots, radio broadcasts, etc. to promote themselves.

At home, Shuichi is talking to Yuki, and Yuki freezes momentarily, paralyzed by pain. He tells Shuichi nothing, however.

The next day, Shuichi comes home from work to find the house empty. He was about to answer the door when he saw a crowd of people outside the house. He sees on TV that the media are outside Yuki's house at the very moment. They have come to question whether the rumors are true, that Shuichi is Yuki's lover and that he's living with him. Shuichi is frightened that Yuki will come home then and then there will be trouble. He hears commotion outside and knows that Yuki is home. He runs outside to tell the press to go home, and he is instantly piled with reporters asking questions. In the midst of this, Yuki announces that they are indeed lovers.

At the studio, K, Sakano, and Hiro have been watching the entire scene on TV. K is satisfied that as long as they can sell 1 miilion albums, anything they do is fine. Hiro, however, is not happy with this. He doesn't like that K is willing to do anything in order to sell 1 miilion albums. He then announces that he's going to quit Bad Luck.

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