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There are terms used throughout Gravitation and on the online community that you may not be aware of. Therefore, below is a listing of Gravitation and general Shounen-ai/YAOI related terms that may offer clarification at least to some degree. Familiarity with these terms is natually preferred so you will know what people are talking about. ^_^ Some terms will refer to Gravitation only, others are more general.

Anime - Well, hopefully you already know what this means. ^_^ But just in case, anime is short for Japanese Animation, which is basically Japanese cartoons. They differ from American cartoons by that they have no restrictions simply because they're drawn, and not all anime are directed at young audiences. Anime may contain strong nudity, violence and other graphic content. Some anime are only directed at adults, and most anime shouldn't be viewed by kids under age 12-13.

Manga - defined as Japanese comic books. The term is used for any original artwork comics by a mangaka (manga artist), usually in volumes.

Bad Luck - A rock band consisting of Shindou Shuichi, Nakano Hiroshi, and Fujisaki Suguru in Gravitation.

Doujinshi - fan artworks/comics that seek to further the relationship of characters and the specified series in general. These comics are predominantly independent of the mangaka and created out of admiration for the series. Mangaka (manga artists) often encourage doujinshi and support them.

Gravitation - The name of this particular shounen-ai series. O.o; In this case, the term personifies Yuki and Shuichi's love. There's a common saying for this series that goes somewhat as follows: "Gravitation is the force of attraction..it obeys no logic and no reason. It's not fate, it's GRAVITATION." Shuichi and Yuki's relationship goes up and down like a crazed rollercoaster ride, and only the force of gravity may draw them to each other in the end.

Lemon - In fanfictions, the presence of graphic sex and/or nudity.

Maki Murakami - The lovely and amazing, totally talented creator of Gravitation. *^^* She created the original Gravitation manga (12 volumes) and also serves as the artist for the Remixes.

Na no da - Something that Ryuichi says all the time...it doesn't have a specific meaning by itself, Ryuichi's simply very fond of saying it. o.O

Nittle Grasper - A legendary band in Gravitation consisting of Seguchi Tohma, Sakuma Ryuichi, and Ukai Noriko. Contrary to popular belief, and as much as some viewers would like it, the name does not mean "grasping nittles." =P The name was originally "Nettle Grasper," with a 'nettle' meaning a spiky plant, from one of Murakami's original doujinshi. While making the manga, the "i" somehow replaced the "e" in "Nettle," therefore Nittle Grasper came to be.

Onii-san - This term is used when one refers to his/her older brother. Tohma once said "You could call me Onii-san at least once" to Yuki, and that caused confusion as to whether or not Tohma is really Yuki's brother. The answer to that is no. In the Japanese culture, it's common to refer to close friends as onii-san, even if they are not truely blood-related. In this case, Yuki is technically Tohma's brother-in-law.

Remixes - (applies to Gravitation only) Doujinshi created by Crocodile-Ave, co-dependent of the original creator, Maki Murakami, for she is the artist of the remixes. Contains extremely graphic scenarios, including boy x boy (multiple pairings, some not seen in series), graphic incest, and group sexuality. The remixes are specifically targetted at a NC-17+ audience. Please beware of the warnings, these remixes are not for virgin eyes. o.o;; xD (How the heck is Ma-kun a seme?? O.o;)

Seme - (Referring to sexual intercourse) The guy on the top.

Shounen-ai - this term is generally used for boy x boy relationships, the word itself means boy's love. The term can also be used to refer to a genre of anime/manga. While shounen-ai indicates homosexuality, it does not pertain to explicit/graphic homosexuality. Shounen-ai only goes as far as two boys in love, a little kissing, nothing drastic. For more explicit, adult content, see YAOI.

Uke - (Referring to sexual intercourse) The guy on bottom.

YAOI - an acronym that stands for "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi (no peak, no point, no meaning)." The term is generally used to indicate explicit and graphic homosexuality between two males. YAOI is mainly directed at a more mature audience, usually NC-17. YAOI can also be used to generalize the entire shounen-ai genre.


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