Episode Summaries

There are 13 anime episodes total. The summaries are all written by me and should not be taken without permission. Enjoy!

Track 1- Gravitation
Shuichi, Yuki, Sakano, Tohma and Hiro appear in this track. Shuichi meets Yuki in the park and later confronts him by his house. The two kiss for the first time.

Track 2- Live in Soul
We meet Ryuichi, Mr. K, and Mika. Mika tries to use Shuichi to get to Yuki and Ryuichi helps Shuichi through his opening performance.

Track 3- Stray Heart
Tohma tells Bad Luck that they need to improve and fires Sakano as a manager. Shuichi and Hiro have an argument and Ryuichi later comforts Shuichi. Shuichi meets Suguru, the third member of Bad Luck and Tohma's cousin.

Track 4- Wave Shock
Shuichi moves in with Yuki and K introduces himself to the members of Bad Luck as their new manager. Bad Luck goes on a game show, wins, and sings their song on the show.

Track 5- Winding Road
Shuichi and Hiro rescue Ayaka, Yuki's fiancee. Shuichi gets depressed about Yuki having a fiancee but later proclaims Yuki his during Bad Luck's first concert.

Track 6- Shady Scheme
Yuki is angry about Mika's persuasion to go home and crashes his car. Vocalist of ASK, Tachi, lures Shuichi in, brutally abuses him and threatens Shuichi about Yuki. Yuki finds out from Hiro and goes to find Tachi.

Track 7- Ground Zero
Yuki confronts Tachi and his henchmen and takes revenge. Shuichi dresses up like a girl but dispite his efforts, Yuki tells Shuichi he will leave. Shuichi ends up going to Yuki's home and the two make up.

Track 8- Song and Song
Tachi confronts Yuki in his home, but fails to do any damage. Yuki agonizes that Shuichi is just like him now. Tohma announces the return of Nittle Grasper and NG performs. Shuichi becomes overwhelmed by Ryuichi's performance and cries.

Track 9- The Deepest Brain
Yuki is slowly remembering his past while K has plans to boast Shuichi's confidence. Yuki tells Shuichi that if Bad Luck sells 1 million records, they will go on a date. Later Yuki tells the press that he and Shuichi are lovers. Hiro quits Bad Luck.

Track 10- Heads or Tails
Shuichi is confused and depressed about Hiro's leave. Ayaka confronts Hiro about liking her, and offers to date him if Bad Luck sells 1 million records. Shuichi has trouble announcing Hiro's quit at an interview, and Hiro arrives just in time. They find out that Bad Luck has sold 1 million records.

Track 11- Secret Day
Yuki broken down on his remembrance of his past and is rushed to the hospital. Shuichi overhears that he's going back to New York. Yuki tells Shuichi that he's keeping his promise and takes Shuichi out on a date. Yuki tells Shuichi about his past and then leaves...

Track 12- Breathless
Shuichi goes on a rampage to find Yuki but doesn't succeed. Shuichi must learn how to proceed with Bad Luck and surpass Ryuichi and Nittle Grasper dispite Yuki's absence. The 2 bands meet and Shuichi looses his voice.

Track 13- Got It All
Shuichi has a drawing session with Ryuichi and ends up finishing the lyrics to "Glaring Dream." He finds Yuki in New York, tells him he loves him and shows him the lyrics. Shuichi returns just in time to do his concert and Yuki tells Tohma that he's going home (to Shuichi).


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