>> Fan Submission Guidelines
Looking for somewhere to post your fanworks? DtD's offering! If you wish to for your fanworks to be shown on DtD, please read below for the guidelines and expectations before submitting. Hopefully this will also clear up any questions you may have regarding fan submissions.

What's Expected
01. Fanworks must be related to Gravitation. This is pretty obvious, so I'm pretty sure no one will have trouble following this rule. XD

02. Yes, YAOI is accepted, if done in a tasteful manner and not too extremely graphic. O.o I don't consider yaoi as hentai, so don't make it seem like it is.

03. All fanwork that you submit must be made by you. If you submit fanwork, I will be under the assumption that it's yours. What I'd prefer is your signature or logo with your fanart, but fanfics I can't very well verify. However, neither I nor my host will be responsible for the consequences resulted if you submit someone else's work.

04. I'd prefer it if the fanwork is posted on another site, and you specify the location of it through a link when submitting. Upon receiving and approving of your submission, I will upload the work onto my own server and it will be posted in the fanworks section along with a note in the updates page. If you absolutely cannot find a place to upload it (although I doubt that'll be hard), send it in an attachment. If you do not have a title or a rating for your fanwork, I will make one up accordingly.

What You Can Expect
01. If your fanwork is approved, you can expect a thank you response from me within 1-2 weeks.

02. Full credit will definitely be given with any accepted submission. Your e-mail will be posted alongside your fanwork(s), and if you want another, preferred e-mail instead of the one you sent the fanwork in, just leave a note in the e-mail.

Submitting Fanart
DtD accepts all kinds of fanart, black&white or colored, CGed or sketched. I'd prefer a colored version of your fanart, but black&white are fine also. If you finish the colored version later on and would like to submit that, I will replace the black&white version with the colored version. Upon submitting, please include your name/alias, the title of the fanart, the rating, and a short description of the fanart. If your fanart is rated PG-13 or above, please indicate why. For various examples, please see the Fanart section.

Submitting Fanfiction
DtD accepts fanfics of any rating, from G to NC-17. If the fanfic is a one-shot story (meaning no chapters), then it must be completely finished before you submit. If your fanfic is separated by chapters, DtD does accept the finished chapters, but again, the chapters must be completely finished before you submit. Also, when submitting fanfiction, please include your name, email, URL of your fanfic(s), any notes or dedications, the rating, the genre and a short summary. If your fanfic is rated PG-13 or above, please indicate why. If you're unsure about any of these, please visit the fanfiction section for examples.

Ready? Click here to submit!


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