>> K(Crawd Winchester) - Personality

K is basically seen as a comic relief of the series, along with Shuichi. He's known to whip out extreme weapons and blasting Shuichi on the head with a [harmless] granade to get him back in business. XDD K also has a habit of randomly speaking English in the middle of a conversation, like "Big News!" or "Excuse me," partly to ease some tension and be a comic relief.^^ K has no intention of listening to the artists' feelings and opinions about a particular matter. On the day of Bad Luck's fist solo concert, K held a machine gun to Suguru at the keyboard, forcing him to play. XDD K's very dedicated to his work as the manager and doesn't like it when other people make decisions for Bad Luck without consulting him first. The only person that can override his decisions is the president himself: Seguchi Tohma. Managing Bad Luck is probably the most important thing in K's life. When Shuichi announced that he was quitting Bad Luck, K took on a dark look and had a gun to Shuichi's head before Shuichi even finished his sentence.^^ K knew exactly that Shuichi want to quit because of Yuki. If Hiro hadn't stepped in, K would have taken care of Shuichi's problem using his own methods. XD He has pretty high expectations for Bad Luck, so when Bad Luck debuted at number two on the charts, he said that was what he expected.^^ K can be arrogant and tough at times, but this is for the good of the band.

K is always collected and in control, while Sakano is flipping out about something. He usually does things his way, and blackmails those that do not go along with his plans. The blackmailing has never done any harm to anyone, although K shows he's not kidding around when he tells Yuki to boast Shuichi's confidence. K is able to force even Eiri Yuki to go along with his plans. He has Yuki bugged and being sniped at in order for Yuki to promise Shuichi that he'd take him out on a date if Bad Luck sold 1 million records. This raises Shuichi's confidence and has him back in shape for Bad Luck performances in no time. Practically everything K does is for Bad Luck's success and popularity, he is a very dedicated to his work as a manager, and his skills prove no less. K can instantly find out a person's weakness and tends to use those weaknesses to make the person do what he wants. If that doesn't work, he'll simply use his handy weapons. XD


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