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*sigh* K...he's a interesting one. :P Now you may be thinking, why on Earth does his name sound so American? ^_^ Crawd Winchester is more commonly known as K, the ex-manager of the famous Sakuma Ryuichi and current manager of Bad Luck. His name is so American-sounding because he is American. He speaks English pretty well, although he does have an accent here and there.^^ K is hilariously funny, he was once in secret service, and his shooting abilities prove no less. He appears in episode 2 of the anime series along with Sakuma Ryuichi, having came all the way from America. He was Sakuma Ryuichi's former manager, but is now Bad Luck's manager whereas Sakano is now only the producer. K has a thing for weaponry and threats. The way he approaches Bad Luck is by bursting in with a handgun and demanding that they come with him. It's a hilarious scene with Shuichi screaming "please spare my life!" He has many connections in the world of music producing, and he was able to reserve some popular places for Bad Luck to perform.

K is basically seen as a comic relief of the series, along with Shuichi. He tends to use some interesting methods to get Bad Luck moving and become popular. Without K, Bad Luck would probably never have become as popular as they are now, ans certainly not as quick either. After Nittle Grasper seperated, Ryuichi went solo in the U.S., and it was K who made Ryuichi a popular star in the United States through his connections. K is rather used to doing things his way and his way only. If someone's not cooperating, he'll probably find some way (usually involving weapons) to get them to do what he wants. But he is essential as a manager who does an awesome job of managing Bad Luck and whipping Shuichi back into shape once in a while, especially after a temporary breakup between Shuichi and Yuki. Bad Luck's success is only partly due to K's marvelous connections. The rest is due to K's hard and dedicated work.

Quick Stats:
Name: Crawd K. Winchester
Spelling Alternatives: Claude Winchester
DOB: August 21st
Age: 36
Blood Type: B


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