There aren't very many Gravitation sites available since it's still a fairly new anime. I'll provide some informative and entertaining ones below, if you have a decent Gravitation site, leave a note in the gbook to get my attention, but do not use it as an advertiser. Thanks. :3

General Gravitation Sites (Count: 6)
Eiri Yuki (Count: 1)
Fujisaki Suguru (Count: 1)
K (Count: 2)
Sakuma Ryuichi (Count: 3)
Seguchi Tohma (Count: 2)
Couples (Count: 1)

© General Sites

- NittleGrasperCOM
The name is enough to take a peek. >D

- Bad-LuckNET
I have completely laughed myself delirious at this site. xD A must see for any rabid Gravi fan. Counters :D

- Gravitation Manga Scans
A nice page with beautiful manga scans and a couple of wallpapers.

- Wild Radiance
Nicely done site with some general information on Gravitation as well as fanworks.

- Blind Game Again!
Has some nice images and general information on Gravi...

- Gravitation Oddities
Check out the hilarious pictures, and laugh yourself silly. XD Some of the funniest Gravitation manga moments are shown here ^_^

© Eiri Yuki Shrines

- Heartless Writer
A great site dedicated to Yuki, has a bunch of pictures and awesome information.

© Fujisaki Suguru Shrines

- Prodigy
An unfinished but wonderful shrine to Suguru! :D Contains some really informative content and what not :D A must visit for Suguru fans^_^

© K Shrines

- Trigger Happy
A wonderful and absolutely beautiful site dedicated to K, has in depth information and everything else on the weaponry-obsessed manager.

- OhK!
Another nice site to the fabulous K, with information, images, and what not.^^

© Sakuma Ryuichi Shrines

- Shiny!
A super cute site to Ryuichi of course XD All Ryuichi sites must be cute :P Not a very big shrine, but it's got some decent information and gallery, along with music. :)

- Dedication Sakuma Ryuichi
Sweet site to the incredibly adorable Ryuichi :D I love the main image, so kawaii! :P

- Jump Start
A cute page dedicated to Ryuichi, has some nice screenshots.

© Seguchi Tohma Shrines

- Occasionally Evil
A great site dedicated to Tohma with an image gallery, in depth info, and more.

- Adorably Manipulative
Tohma rocks. xD This one is very nicely designed, with good info, lotsa images, music, all the good stuff to our beloved Tohma.^-^

© Couple Shrines

- What is it? And Get off me
A nice site to Yuki and Shuichi, contains info, images and more.

For more Gravitation sites, please visit the Anime Turnpike.


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