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In the manga, the story is pretty much the same. However, the manga takes a step further and it's more explicit in Shuichi and Yuki's relationship. The manga is currently 12 volumes long and is still coming out. Each volume is around 200 pages. I currently don't have all of the manga, since it's still coming out, so bare with me as I don't have all of the manga info yet.^-^

In the beginning, the main characters are introduced, Shuichi and Hiro are still trying to come up with a song for the upcoming concert. Shuichi's sister, Maiko, is also introduced and she is currently the keyboard synthesizer for Shuichi's band, as they haven't even come up with a name for it yet.^-^ Shuichi meets Yuki, jumps in front of his car on the street, gets dissed a couple of times and attempts to commit suicide a couple of times. XD Later Seguchi Tohma and Mika are introduced as well.

In Volume two, Sakano and Ayaka are introduced, Sakano is his usual self, spazing out over little things. Hiro is debating on whether he should quit guitar and Shuichi thinks that Ayaka is in love with Tatsuha, Yuki's younger brother. He later finds out that Ayaka is in love with Yuki and that she is engaged to him. XD

Bad Luck performs their first concert in Volume three, and Sakuma Ryuichi is introduced. As ASK is only mentioned in the previous volumes, they actually appear in volume three, eager to humiliate the intermediate band. Bad Luck ends up going on a live quiz show called "Quiz de Pon," but instead of being humiliated, they actually won the game and got to perform their song on the spot, live and all. Bad Luck's song ends up succeeding ASK's single and Yuki breaks up with Shuichi.

The abuse of Shuichi is earlier in the manga than in the anime, as in Volume four, Shuichi gets abused/raped by Tachi, the vocalist of ASK, and his henchmen. Hiro comes to pick up Shuichi and Shuichi is now both physically and emotionally ill. X_x Hiro goes to Yuki later and tells him about ASK abusing Shuichi, asking him to go back to Shuichi. Yuki gets mad upon the news of Shuichi's rape and ASK gets beaten up by him XDD Poor Ma-kun and Ken-kun. ;_; Yuki and Shuichi are back together.

Suguru and K!! make their first appearance in Volume five, and Shuichi gets to be Ryuichi for a music concert^-^ since Ryuichi couldn't go. Naturally, Ryuichi wasn't very happy about this XDD and gets very mad. :P Tachi is getting extremely jealous of Shuichi and his rising popularity. He knows Yuki's hiding something and wanted to find out what it was so he can humiliate him. Shuichi comes to Yuki's 'rescue' so Tachi wasn't able to find out Yuki's secret. Tohma is like Yuki's guardian, so naturally he wasn't too happy to see Tachi trying to do something to Yuki. Poor Tachi is threatened by Tohma and pushed in front of an upcoming car, Tohma-san sure knows how to damage someone internally. XD K is now Bad Luck's manager and Suguru, Tohma's cousin, becomes the keyboard synthesizer.

I love this volume! XDDD In Volume six, K wants to do everything he can to make sure Shuichi has confidence for his concerts, so he goes to Yuki and asks him to keep Shuichi happy. Yuki, however, is going to New York :P and couldn't be there. Last resort, Hiro bribes(!) Tatsuha to pretend to be Yuki for Shuichi. Tatsuha later tries to back out by was persuade by Noriko, a synthesizer for Nittle Grasper, this time and gains his nerve to go as Yuki. Shuichi soon realizes that it was Tatsuha instead of Yuki, and would have shown it if Tatsuha hadn't kissed him on the spot.^^ Thus, "Yuki" was revealed to be a homosexual, but since the real Yuki's in New York at the moment, he doesn't know. :P

Volume seven, Hiro decides to quit Bad Luck and Shuichi becomes distressed. He feels that without Hiro, Bad Luck won't be the same. With the help of K, >D Yuki makes a promise to Shuichi that if Bad Luck sells 1 million copies, he'll go on a date with Shuichi. Elsewhere, Ayaka approaches Hiro and confronts him about liking her. She also tells Hiro that if Bad Luck sells 1 million copies, she will date him. So Hiro goes back and they sell 1 million copies :D But unfortunately, while this was going on, Yuki had been talking to Tohma and had ended up spitting out blood because his memories of his past had been coming back lately. X_x He was rushed to the hospital.

*sigh* Volume eight is a fun and crazy one. XD Yuki and Shuichi make up but now Shuichi must deal with Tohma, since Tohma seems unwilling to share his affection for Yuki and Shuichi is the same. XD Shuichi gets kidnapped by K's wife Judy o.0 who is a Hollywood superstar and she's just as bad as K when it comes to blackmailing and devilish and manipulating tricks XDD Judy's bodyguard, Ark, is introduced and he has a nasty confrontation with K throughout the trip to New York. Rage, Shuichi's new manager in New York, is also introduced, and mistreats Shuichi. Poor Shuichi is caught in the crossfire between K, Ark, and Rage <.< All this time, Yuki doesn't know that Shuichi is in New York and finds out finally from Tohma.

The craziness continues in volume nine, as Yuki heads to New York to join the war. He confronts Rage with full force and puts her life at risk XD while demanding for Shuichi. Luckily, Shuichi gets there in time and Rage's life is saved :D But now Shuichi has created a new problem for himself...Rage seems to have something for Shuichi <.< and Shuichi's head is in a mess right now. For the first time, Yoshiki Kitazawa, Yuki Kitazawa (Eiri's tutor)'s brother, is introduced. Everything's in a whirlpool now @_@

More coming soon!


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