Which Gravitation Character are YOU?
Brought to you by Dare to Dream

All Gravitation characters are available for this quiz, including Kumagoro. ^.~

1. If you were going to trapped on an island for a month and you could only bring one thing, it would be:
equipment for protection
a stuffed animal for company
my guitar o.o
my significant other

2. Your ideal date would be:
glomp-smother-hang-drool --- rinse and repeat
completely and utterly filled with insults and putdowns
Full of fun fun fun!!!
Movies, dinner, karaoke clubs, you name it
Naked...on fantasy island...*drools and daydreams*
A nice boat ride on a serene lake...
some place quiet and far away from annoying people

3. When faced with a tough situation, you:
use your head and think of a way out
*literally* use your head
trick them, blackmail them, and shoot them
think of a way out and then seek revenge! Muhahahaha!
Panic, grovel and beg for mercy

4. If you had to share a possession with another person, you would:
fight tirelessly for it no matter how hopeless things seem
share the thing nicely
cluck the other person over the head with a baseball bat or something equally dangerous and take the possession home
share? Never! *snag the possession and run like hell*

5. Which of the following emoticons do you use the most?
o'.'o pika pika!

6. If you were to play an instrument, you would play:
something soft and elegant, like piano
an all powerful guitar
electric keyboard
a toy instument!
Er...I don't play...I sing!

7. Your house is burning and you can only save 1 thing. It is:
my stuffed animal, I can't bare it if he died! ;_;
my laptop, it's my life
an instrument, very essencial
a weapon
myself...please spare my life!
my long time close friend, who is tall, dark, gorgous, sexy, smooth...

8. The best way to describe you is:
hyper and obsessive
serious and stubborn
I have my way and you will listen to me
smart, talented and caring
soft-spoken yet determined
cute and happy
evil and selfish
concerned yet dominant
loveable! *huggies*

9. When you get angry or frustrated, you:
cry a river, punch walls, pull out all the toilet paper in the bathroom, chase them around the world while screaming in their faces, then cry another river
hit the person you're mad at with your trusty KUMAGORO BEAM!
pull out your trusty gun and blast away randomly and aimlessly
dramatically turn yourself into a tornedo, run smack into a wall and slide to the ground in a wrecked shape
seek revenge on the person and forever traumatize him >)
seize them by the collar and choke the stuffing out of them while yelling in their faces
I'm always happy, never angry ^-^
think of some really evil plan and try to sabotage them
sigh, rub head and try to reason it out

10. If you could go any where around the world, where would you go?
New York! My lover's there and I shall go there even though I have no passport or anything...I know, o.o I shall disguise myself as a suitcase! aha, muhaha!
Japan, my obsession is there and I will stop at nothing to get to him/it!
Vienna, the capital of music of course!
U.S. in general, I have connections there that will supply me with good equipment >D
I have already been everywhere around the world...
Some place full of fun and happiness! ^-^
I think it'd be better if my boss chose for me o_o

11. If I were to open up your closet, I would find:
piles of weapons/extremely dangeous things
animal costume suits, including a bunny, a dog, a cat, etc, animated noses included!
decent clothes folded neatly...o.O What did you expect?
stocks of food...it might come in handy sometime...
I have no closet....
a victim of blackmail <.< *shuts door*
stylish outfits, I like to stay with the trend

12. The way you would most likely comfort someone is:
saying embarrassing things to try to cheer someone up, and after find out something cool about them, you proceed to say something extremely stupid and then laugh hysterically like an idiot.
only reassure them after they've cried a waterfall thinking something awful was going to happen O.O
reason with them and being fully understanding of the situation, giving wise words and being encouraging
decide to confront them with something other than yourself (i.e. a stuffed animal), maybe it'll talk some sense into him instead of me because it's cuter, haw haw haw!
I don't comfort...it's more like...blackmail, in which I will strangle him and punch and kick his ass, AHAHAHAHA, hahaha....>D
call them all kinds of names, but you really mean the opposite and you somehow get them to like you
watch them from the distance with concern but really unable to do anything

13. In ten years, I would find you:
married with 2 kids, have a decent house, and hopefully a life
pursuing my dream(s), however utterly unrealistic they might be
out partying baby XD
doing what I do best
oh, trust me, you* won't* find me
running a huge company, speaking different languages and having total control...like I do now
a very organized and successful prodigy
being cute and happy like I always am!