2002 Updates

12.06.2002: Oya oya..."No Style" has been reuploaded due to the awareness that it didn't get uploaded completely. Yuutsu Na Seven Days has won the "Which-song-to-be-available-for-download-next" poll. =P So that's been uploaded as well. That poll has also been reset with new songs, so start voting for the next one! xD

11.17.2002: Two new sections in the Information Centre this time, About the creator and a Gravi dictionary listing all the Gravi and shounen-ai related terms. ^_^ Finding information on Maki Murakami is extremely hard, x_x especially when she doesn't like to show her face, so there are virtually no images of her. O_o;

11.03.2002: There were some broken links in the music section, so I changed the URL of them. At any rate, they should be working now. :3

10.30.2002: Ack, updates are getting slimmer and slimmer aren't they? O_o;; Gravi Manga Scans Track1-9 are up at Addiction, as well as some other images. 2 buttons have been added in the Link DtD section. xD

10.12.2002: Nothing much this time, I just updated the disclaimers so there are no broken links. <.<; I keep forgetting to upload manga tracks 1-9 on Addiction, but I shall do it in the next couple of days. xD

10.03.2002: Woah, long time no update. <.< This update refers to Addiction only. :3 New doujinshi section is up, with 28 doujinshi pictures. <3 <3 There are also some new anime and manga images, visit Addiction for the specific updates. Yes, an updates section has been added at Addiction. :3 The current image count is 3,218 images, w00t! xD

09.09.2002: Addiction went on hiatus for a day ^^;; but managed to come back very soon, with a new look and easier navigation. I'm pretty satisfied with the new look, hopefully it'll be easier for everyone else as well. New images were uploaded as well, I can't really say which ones since I don't remember <.< But they're in the anime and manga sections. XD The TV animation artbook will be up in the next few days, so look for that. :D Oh yes, Predilection, the newest Gravitation song, is available in the music section. It's from the third Sound Story, sung by Ryuichi's seiyuu himself. XDD Lyrics for Predilection are also available in the lyrics section.

08.31.2002: Cosplay pics are the newest section in Multimedia. If you have any cosplay images, feel free to contribute! Also added 2 buttons for Linking DtD since I really don't like my other ones. XD More fanart images have been added, so go and check them out! :D Many thanks to Dawn and Yama for letting me use them.^^

08.24.2002: New section in the Multimedia section, AIM Icons. Of course, more will be made as time goes on, but here are a few to start off with. ^-^

08.19.2002: Dare to Dream now has a Lite version for those of you who have a slower connection XD If you're reading this update, you are already in the Lite version. :D I have dial-up myself, so I know how much of a pain that can be. I made the Lite version very graphics lite, so hopefully it'll make a difference for you guys. That way, you can still enjoy the site. :) School starts tomorrow, so updates will slim down. ><

08.15.2002: The Which Gravi Character are You" quiz is finally up^_^ Go find out who you're most like!

08.11.2002: Shuichi's profile is done, finally.^_^ I've finally gotten around to doing it, so head on over and check it out.^^ Also, vote for the next song you want to be able to download in the music section.^_^

08.10.2002: New layout in Site Related section for the Graphics Intense version.^_^ Yellow was never my color. XD Hope everyone likes it. :)

08.09.2002: New layout!^__^ I was really starting to get sick of the old one...it's been up for too long. Anyway, enjoy the site. XD New anime and manga images at Addiction...mainly anime and manga Shuichi and the couples section. New links are added as well, in General Gravi sites and Couple shrines.

08.07.2002: I've made a Kumagoro tribute, go see. XD Kumagoro's just so cute and adorable, and he doesn't get mentioned much, so here's a little tribute to him.

08.03.2002: Track 12 and Track 13 are up at Addiction. The screenshots section should be finished now.^^ If anyone has contributions for the image gallery, it'll definitely be appreciated.^_^

07.27.2002: New wallpapers in the wallpapers section in the Entertainment Centre Track 11 is up in the screenshots section for Addiction, and the anime and manga section at Addiction are all updated with new images! Thanks to Meredith for providing these fanbook images!^__^

07.25.2002: New section called Essays and Articles focuses on some of my opinions and facts on Gravi. Track 9 and Track 10 are up in the screenshots section for Addiction.

07.22.2002: New games in the Entertainment Centre! That includes Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, and Memory all Gravi style. XD Go check them out and have fun. :) New fanfic up, feel free to check it out and keep the submissions coming.^_^ Track 8 is up in the screenshots section for Addiction.

07.16.2002: Track 6 and 7 in Screenshots are now available at Addiction. I've added 1 new wallpaper in the wallpapers section as well as 4 new songs, Shining Collection, Blind Game Again, Spicy Marmalade and In the Moonlight in the Music section.

07.12.2002: *K style* Big News! XD lol, not really.^^ All character profiles are now up except for Shuichi's. o.o Track 4 and 5 in Screenshots are up at Addiction. Added 1 new link, to a shrine to Suguru!^^

07.01.2002: The Polls section in Entertainment is up, go vote and voice your opinions! XD Also, go submit your fanworks :D they're looking a bit empty at the moment.^^ Track 3 in Screenshots is up at Addiction.

06.24.2002: Ryuichi and Mika's profile are up, finally. XD I've added a Minor Characters Profile to the Character Profiles section and it is up as well. The Manga general information is also up, although not quite finished as I haven't read all of the manga yet.^^

06.12.2002: The first and second OAV screenshots are up at Addiction, and Dare to Dream has moved to ainoyume.net. Fitting name ne? XDD Please update all your links, thanks :)

06.05.2002: Took the Music Sheets section down, because the webmistress of the site that I obtained them from didn't want it on anyone else's site.^_^ OAV general information and summaries are up in the Information section.

05.30.2002: The purchase information is up, along with the Music Sheets page and the Fanworks section in the Entertainment section. Submit your fanart and fanfiction today! Glaring Dream is finally uploaded in the music section. :D Added a couple of new links as well. Oh yes, and track 2 screenshots are up over at Addiction, the Gravi image gallery. :D

05.13.2002: Noticed a complete change in layouts and format of the site?^_^ DtD has gone through a rather large revamp, since I decided that a large site shouldn't use only frames. :D There's also a new guestbook layout up :) Please leave your comments so I can see how I'm doing. Enjoy the site and let me know if you run into any broken links.

03.29.2002: There's only information on Yuki through Sakano in the characters section at this point. Besides the manga and the wallpapers, everything else should be working.

02.18.2002: Grand Opening of Dare to Dream! Welcome all viewers :) to the newest addition to the Entity Network and QuistyNU, Dare to Dream. Obviously a Gravitation site, DtD hopes to become your one stop source for Gravitation on the web. I managed to get the Yuki information up.*sweatdrop*


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