OAV Episode 1

Episode 1 starts with a commercial announcing the upcoming Tokyo Bay Music Festival...the scene switches to Seguchi Tohma, sitting with some American(?) representatives, speaking in English. <.< Tohma agrees for Nittle Grasper to perform at the Tokyo Bay Music Festival.

Opening theme of Gravitation OAV Episode 1 starts, with Bad Luck performing Blind Game Again while shots from episode 1 are shown. Characters introduced include Shuichi, Yuki, Hiro, and Tohma.

Shuichi is in the recording studio with K, Sakano, Hiro, and Suguru, complaining about how he can't compose lyrics. K and Sakano try to reason with him, and K resorts to his Magnum gun, as always. ^-^ Sakano tries unsuccessfully to stop K and K shoves the Magnum in Shuichi's mouth. XD Shuichi has a flashback of the first time he met Yuki. Shuichi was walking on the sidewalk with lyrics, and a gust of wind blows the lyrics out of his hand. The sheet was picked up by Yuki, who tells Shuichi that he has no talent and should give up. Shuichi is heartbroken. X_x The flashback ends and Shuichi is chewing on the gun while starring at the floor. K thinks Shuichi is in a slump and wants to find a writer for the lyrics as quickly as possible.

Shuichi posts a column in the newspaper about how he would come up with mind-blowing lyrics. Hiro, Sakano, and K read the column and sigh at Shuichi's current "slump" condition. Shuichi stands up then and does a series of gestures while Hiro, Sakano, and K try to guess what he's trying to say. K tries unsuccessfully to get what Shuichi's trying to say, while Sakano and Hiro both succeed. Suguru walks by, sees them in the act and sweatdrops, thinking whether he should quit Bad Luck. ^-^ Finally, Hiro gets the message and concludes that Yuki's been cold to Shuichi lately, and that's why he's in a slump.

At Yuki's home, Yuki sits at his desk with his laptop and does not answer when the phone rings. The answering machine picks up and Tohma's heard on the other line...

Elsewhere, Hiro and Shuichi are walking together, talking about Yuki. Shuichi thinks Yuki's been deliberately ignoring him. Hiro suggests going to a nice place and they arrive at Pelshana, a performing place. Hiro thinks it will cure Shuichi's slump. Shuichi stares at Hiro with tears of affection^^ They go in and find out that there isn't a live performance that night, the place was empty. Shuichi stares at the stage and goes into a fantasy, dreaming that he was performing at a concert and saw Yuki in the audience. Shuichi freezes as Yuki smiles faintly at him and then turns around and leaves. Hiro tries unsuccessfully to snap Shuichi out of his fantasy. Shuichi pleads for Yuki to come back in his fantasy, yet Yuki just keeps on walking. Shuichi finally snaps out of his fantasy face down in a puddle of water.

The next day, Sakano talks on the phone about Shuichi's condition and what they should do about finding a writer. The scene switches to Yuki signing autographs around a crowd of fans. Yuki holds the hands of a very dedicated fan and she turns into a human rocket and literally, blasts off...<.< Yuki tells one of his helpers that this is his latest method. ^-^ Just then, Sakano walks up and bows to Yuki. Sakano wanted to talk to Yuki in a private room, but was interrupted by Tohma. Tohma asks Sakano to leave and Sakano wonders what it means for Yuki and Tohma to be so close.

Later, Yuki arrives home to find Shuichi at his door. Shuichi wants to talk to Yuki, but Yuki rejects him and tells Shuichi to stop bothering him. Shuichi sits and cries outside of Yuki's closed door and dreams that Yuki is being kind to him and the two together in bed. The next thing he knew, Shuichi was tied to a roll of mattress and Yuki is about to slash him with a whip...while wearing a thong. *cough* Shuichi whines about Yuki being mean to him even in his dreams and wakes up just as Yuki opens the door and slams Shuichi against...or rather...into the wall. Shuichi runs after him and asks to talk to him, but Yuki walks right out of the front door. Shuichi turns on the TV to an announcement regarding the Tokyo Bay Music Festival. Tohma is seen talking about Nittle Grasper being chosen to represent Japan at the Festival. Shuichi sits stunned...

Shuichi goes to the studio later and starts rehearsing Blind Game Again with great energy. Sakano questions on why Shuichi's so happy, and Hiro tells him that Shuichi's happy because Nittle Grasper, his favorite band, was chosen for the Festival.

Elsewhere, K and Suguru are negociating with the producer of a TV station. The producer is very happy to hear that they want to have Bad Luck on his station the day after tomorrow. But he has some conflicts regarding other guests on the TV station. K is about to resort to his gun, and both Suguru and an increasingly impatient K threaten the now nervous producer. The producer is practically blackmailed into accepting Bad Luck on the decided date. In the elevator, Suguru and K discuss how Shuichi would be out of his 'slump' when he sings in front of many cameras and on TV. Sure enough, Shuichi is only too excited to sing in front of the many cameras and announcers. Shuichi goes on to sing Spicy Marmalade and ends on a very happy note and a cheering crowd. Afterwards, Shuichi tells K and Sakano that he, Shuichi, cannot ever be in a slump. This touched a slight nerve in K and Sakano. ^-^

Later, the three turn on the TV to a special announcement being made by Tohma regarding the song sung at the Tokyo Bay Music Festival. Tohma announces that the new song would feature lyrics from a talented writer. Tohma then introduces Yuki and Shuichi becomes overwhelmed by shock and disbelief. He falls to the floor, saying how he had hoped Yuki would write lyrics to a song for him to sing someday. He races out of the studio and into the heavy rain outside. Over at the TV station, Tohma tells Yuki that he will not make the song bad with such good lyrics. Yuki pauses by the window and stares out...

Shuichi runs down the street in the pouring rain, shouting and cursing. He trips and falls on his face, lying on the ground and making no attempt to get up. Finally, he utters out "I HATE YOU!!!" as loud as he could...


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