OAV Episode 2

In the beginning of OAV Episode 2, Yuki is on his way to the studio. Suguru questions why Shuichi hasn't shown up for the past 6 days. Hiro tells him that Shuichi hasn't recovered yet and that Yuki had written lyrics for Nittle Grasper. K, Sakano, Suguru and Hiro discuss rather to delay the release date of Bad Luck's newest CD because Shuichi hasn't written the lyrics yet and Hiro thinks Yuki should apologize to Shuichi. At that moment, Yuki walks in the door and asks if Shuichi had been at the studio yet. He holds up a small note from Shuichi that said he was going back to his parents' house. Yuki sees that Shuichi hasn't come back and turns to stare at the microphone in the recording room. As he leaves, Hiro asks him to get Shuichi back because he's the only one that can. Yuki leaves without responding and K announces that *he* will get Shuichi back. K fantasies of how he will catch Shuichi and kick his @$$ while laughing evily while the others watch on, saying that he's impossible. >D

Yuki speeds his car down a long road while deep in thought. He narrows his eyes and shoots down the road even faster than before...

At Shuichi's house, his sister brings lunch for him and complains of how he won't come out of his room and won't let anyone enter either. She sets the tray down on the floor as a woobly hand comes out of the door and grabs the tray in. <.< Shuichi's loud eating comes from behind the closed door as he devours the food. When he finishes, he shoves the tray out again and closes the door. Inside, Shuichi lies on his bed and stares at shelf after shelf of his Nittle Grasper videos...

Elsewhere, Tohma, Ryuichi, and Noriko are preparing to rehearse their new song, Shining Collection. Just as Ryuichi steps up to sing, the cord gets pulled out by Yuki. Yuki says that he needs to speak with Tohma, and they go off in the distance. Ryuichi plays with Kumagoro while wondering what they could be saying. He goes off to eavesdrop but was stopped by Noriko, who tries unsuccessfully to stop him from going over. Ryuichi disguises as one of the speakers and hops over to listen. <.< He finds out that Yuki had arranged so that Shuichi wouldn't be hurt. Now Yuki's confronting Tohma on why Shuichi could have gone over to his parents' house. Tohma smiles and tells him that he doesn't know before going back to the rehearsal.

Out on the road, Yuki sits in his car as the light turns green. He makes no attempt to drive off and horns start honking. Yuki thinks back to Hiro, when Hiro tells him that he's the only one who can bring Shuichi back. Yuki snaps out of his daze to see that he's holding back an extremely long line...XD

After arriving back at his house, he is struck with sudden pain on his shoulder and falls to the floor. He crawls into a room and sees Tatsuha, his younger brother, hammering a nail into a supposed Yuki voodoo doll. :P Tatsuha tells Yuki that he has put a curse on Yuki for keeping the written lyrics a secret from him. He pounds the nail into the forehead of the voodoo doll and Yuki responds with a howl of pain. He proceeds to pound the nail into the voodoo doll's arms and Yuki responds by grabbing his arm. Tatsuha finally pounds the nail into the voodoo doll's private part and Yuki steps on Tatsuha's head. Tatsuha smiles up to Yuki weakly and asks if he was acting. XD He rambles on about Ryuichi being a God and Yuki is reminded of the 'idiot' Shuichi.

At his home, Shuichi sits in front of the TV watching his Nittle Grasper videos, all hyped up about how Ryuichi's God-like. His sister calls from outside of the door and tells him that Ryuichi's here to see him. Shuichi flies to the door and sees Ryuichi still disguised as a speaker. <.< Ryuichi tells Shuichi that Yuki was looking for him and wants him to go back. Ryuichi throws Kumagoro in Shuichi's face and shouts "Kumagoro Beam!" Shuichi responds with happiness and says he could die happy. <.< Ryuichi offers Shuichi the song to which Yuki had written the lyrics. Shuichi rambles on about realizing that his favorite band was going to sing a song about the one that he loves and such, but Ryuichi had fallen asleep. ^-^ Shuichi stares out the window at the moon and wonders what Yuki could be up to...

Yuki is typing absentmindedly in front of his laptop while in deep thought. He dreams about himself and Shuichi on the floor while Shuichi sleeps in his lap. He wonders why Shuichi likes him despite his bad habits. He wonders whether it could be love...and Tatsuha responds "that's not it!" Yuki snaps awake while drooling and is embarrassed and irritated at Tatsuha for overhearing his sleeptalk. Yuki gives his Tokyo Bay Music Festival ticket to Tatsuha and tells him to go instead.

The scene flashes to a Tokyo Bay Music Festival commercial, and K, Sakano, Fuguru, and Hiro are wondering when Shuichi's going to return. K's impatience gets the better of him and he ends up pulling out his gun and shooting randomly into the room. At that moment, Shuichi appears and backthrows K in a "German Suplex." The group encourages Shuichi to write the lyrics since they've only got a week left before performing. A week passes, and Shuichi sits in a slump while everyone else sleeps except K. K mutters about still being in a slump and Sakano spazes about not being able to perform since the deadline is tomorrow. Hiro hands Shuichi a ticket to the Tokyo Bay Music Festival and tells him to enjoy himself. At the festival, Shuichi stands by Yuki's seat, trying to decide how to face Yuki when he arrives. Tatsuha arrives and sits in the seat. Shuichi screams at Tatsuha that the seat is Yuki's while Tatsuha screams back about sitting in this seat to watch the great Sakuma Ryuichi perform.^_^ Tatsuha finally tells him that Yuki's not coming. Shuichi blows up his face, starts crying and chases Tatsuha half way around the earth in disbelief. XDD

At Yuki's place, Yuki sits looking at another one of Shuichi's lyrics, thinking that Shuichi's still writing despite the fact that he has zero talent. He flashes back to a conversation with Shuichi, telling him that he's got a date and won't be able to come watch Shuichi perform.

At the festival, Nittle Grasper performs Shining Collection while Shuichi watches on. He realizes that this song, which Yuki wrote the lyrics to, is about him. Ryuichi calls Shuichi to come and sing with him. Shuichi stampedes through the crowd and joins Ryuichi on the stage, while Sakano faints in worry. ^-^ Near the end of the song, Shuichi sees Yuki in the audience watching. Happily, Shuichi sings on and was able to finish the song. Afterwards, Shuichi gives a speech alone on top of the stage and tells Hiro and Suguru to join him, for they're going to perform a song. Sakano faints again out of worry.^_^ Thus, Bad Luck sings "In the Moonlight" live on the stage, as it is broadcasted throughout the entire world. After the song, Tohma mentions that Shuichi's grown up a bit. Yuki tells them that the lyrics sucked, as usual. ^-^ Tohma tells Yuki that this was all part of the plan, partly to promote Bad Luck and partly to get Shuichi out of his slump.

In a room later, Tohma sits with the music industry representatives again, discussing Bad Luck. The representatives ask what they should call this to sell them, and Tohma responds "It's...Gravitation." XD

Ending theme (Smashing Blue) and credits...

Yuki sits on the couch with Shuichi in his lap, watching the end of the Tokyo Bay Music Festival tape. Yuki tells Shuichi "Welcome home" and Shuichi asks for a hug. Yuki plays around gently with Shuichi and says they should go to bed. Shuichi is in disbelief but rather content... :D


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