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There are plenty of official Gravitation products as well as quite a few places to purchase Gravitation merchandise. I've constucted a product list below, as well as a few sites that would have various Gravitation products and merchandise. Some of them are just general anime stores, so browse through and search to find the Gravitation items.
Series on VHS
Gravitation is currently available on VHS. There are 4 VHS tapes containing all 13 episodes of the series. The language is original Japanese with English subtitles.

Series Volume 1: episodes 01-02
Series Volume 2: episodes 03-05
Series Volume 3: episodes 06-09
Series Volume 4: episodes 10-13
Series on DVD
Gravitation is also currently available on DVD. There are 4 DVD Discs containing all 13 episodes of the series. The language is original Japanese with English subtitles.

Series Volume 1: episodes 01-02
Series Volume 2: episodes 03-05
Series Volume 3: episodes 06-09
Series Volume 4: episodes 10-13
There are a total of 2 Gravitation OAVs, and they are available in VHS and DVD format. There are 2 VHS tapes and 1 DVD for the 2 OAVs. The language is original Japanese with English subtitles.
There are currently a total of 2 Soundtracks, 2 vocal collections, 3 Sound Stories and 2 audio CDs. They're all listed below.

Gravitation TV - Track OST
  1. Super Drive - Silent Beat Mix
  2. Super Drive
  3. Super Drive - Pure Silence Mix
  4. Super Drive - Zero Basement Mix
  5. The First Dimension
  6. Glaring Dream - Secret Dream Air Mix
  7. Glaring Dream - A Light In The Black Mix
  8. Glaring Dream
  9. Missing Piece
  10. Melting Noise
  11. Liquid Brain
  12. Power Cave
  13. Sleepless Beauty - Sacred Beauty Air Mix
  14. Hypnotic Distortion
  15. Sleepless Beauty - K.Ito + DK
  16. Sleepless Beauty - Snake Bite Mix
  17. The Rage Beat - Zoom Mix
  18. The Rage Beat
  19. The Rage Beat - The Last Element Mix
Gravitation Original Soundtrack
  1. Gravitation Theme
  2. "Tokyo Bay Music Fes Cm
  3. "Slump" Scene #2
  4. "Encounter" Scene #3
  5. "Body Language" Scene #4
  6. "Perushana" Scene #6
  7. "Recollect" Scene #8
  8. "Yuki's Theme" Scene #11
  9. "Rain" Scene #14
  10. "Idea" Scene #18
  11. "How To Be" Scene #19
  12. "Eating" Scene #20
  13. "Spell" Scene #22
  14. "Shuichi's Theme" Scene #24
  15. "A Worry" Scene #26
  16. Blind Game Again
  17. Smashing Blue
  18. In The Moonlight
  19. Shining Collection / Iceman
Gravitation Vocal Collection
  1. Blind Game Again
  2. Smashing Blue
  3. In the Moonlight
  4. Shining Collection
  5. Super Drive
  6. Glaring Dream
  7. Sleepless Beauty
  8. The Rage Beat
  9. Break Through
  10. Welcome to My Romance
  11. No Style
  12. Spicy Marmalade
  13. Yuutsuna Seven Days
  14. Anti-Nostalgic
  15. Sweet Sweet Samba
  16. Love Stuff
Gravitation - Shuichi Shindo Vocal Album
  1. Spicy Marmalade
  2. Blind Game Again
  3. In the Moonlight
  4. Yuutsuna Seven Days
  5. Shakunetsu Blade
  6. Jurejurenaru Kisetsu
  7. ???
  8. Anti-Nostalgic
  9. Kounetsu Blood
  10. Jounetsu Ballad
  11. Far east of Eden
  12. No! Virtual
  13. Easy Action
  14. Masking Pleasure Around
  15. ???
  16. Glaring Dream
  17. Rockin' Station
  18. The Rage Beat
Gravitation Sound Story
  1. Prologue
  2. Break Through
  3. Drunk and Drunk
  4. Sweet Imagination
  5. Dangerous Lovers-1
  6. Imitative "R"
  7. Dangerous Lovers-2
  8. Unfortunate
  9. Double Role
  10. Epilogue
Gravitation Sound Story II
  1. Title Call
  2. Prologue
  3. Heaven And Hell
  4. Burnout Syndrome
  5. With - To Yuki
  6. Wish - To Ayaka
  7. Shuichi vs Ryuichi
  8. Each Situation
  9. To Be Or Not To Be
  10. Previous Night
  11. And.... New Year's Eve
  12. Epilogue - Passionate Paradise
  13. Bird
Gravitation Sound Story III
  1. Prologue
  2. Special Offer
  3. Love Dream-1
  4. Goes together to Kyoto
  5. Love Dream-2
  6. Unreasonable Demand
  7. 3 Matches
  8. Patience Convention
  10. Who is a winner?
  11. Big Wednesday
  12. Adrift in the Pacific
  13. The conclusion of Eiri
  14. Epilogue
  15. Predilection
Audio CDs
There are presently 2 Audio CDs, each retelling the manga featuring voices of the anime Gravi cast.
The Gravitation manga is currently 12 volumes long, with each volume containing about 5 tracks and totaling 206 pages. Presently Maki Murakami has discontinued the manga indefinitely.
There are currently 3 artbooks, the TV Animation Artbook, the Gravitation Complete Fanbook, and the Gravitation Complete Fanbook 2. The TV Animation artbook is the only artbook that contains anime images. Each artbook contains about 85-87 pages.
There are currently 11 (there are 12 images because there's a volume 8.5) Remixes/Doujinshi created by Crocodile-Ave, co-dependent of the original creator: Maki Murakami. Ms. Murakami is the current artist of the remixes. These contain extremely graphic scenarios, including boy x boy (multiple pairings, some not seen in series), graphic incest, and group sexuality. The remixes are specifically targetted at a NC-17+ audience.

- Go to Buy.com for the cheapest licensed (English) manga. Right now you can only pre-order up to Volume 5. The manga's currently being licensed by TokyoPop.

- This is a store carrying manga, books, magazines and such. If you can find one near your residence, I suggest going there instead of ordering online. ^^

Planet Anime
- Also a store, with a rather large collection of merchandise, manga, books, music, etc.

Japan Manga
- This place has some of the rarest selections in stock. O_O You can also find doujinshi, CDs, VHS, and merchandise here. But there are quite a few hentai manga too...

- I love this place. It's got the cheapest of of the cheap manga, artbooks, doujinshi and CDs for a decent quality, AND they have all the rare stuff, all imported from Japan. What's not to like? XD

Aestheticism Cybershoppe
- Lots of manga, doujinshi, magazines, and such. They have a pretty large selection and at relatively reasonably prices too.


Sasuga Books
- Very good selection of artbooks, magazines, DVDs, videos and more. You can also find manga here, great service too. :) Everything's imported directly from Japan, and you can place special orders.


CD Japan
Very nice place with a ton of different CDs, VHS, and DVDs of all different kinds of anime, J-pop, J-rock, movies, and more.

Most of the Gravitation CDs can be found here, for an ok price. No sound stories or anything else though. Still, I'd go just for the soundtracks.

Again, most of the CDs can be found here, including the sound stories, for a pretty cheap price. They also have DVDs.

The only store I know of that sells the Gravitation OAVs. It's not cheap -.- but if you're desperately looking for OAVs, this site has them in DVD format.


Planet Anime
- A nice store with a large collection of merchandise, manga, books, etc.

U.S. Anime
- Great variety of merchandise, phone cards, clearfiles, doujinshi, etc.

Also check out EBay.com for auctioned merchandise.


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