>> Sakuma Ryuichi - Personality

I absolutely adore Ryuichi's personality. XDD Some people think that Ryuichi is bi-polar, which is an illness that makes the person have an on and off series of mania and depression. I don't believe this is true, since Ryuichi seems to be able to control how he acts and can only act his true self when singing. He is very passionate about his career and protective of his music, and thus, when Shuichi took his place at a concert in the manga, he wasn't too happy about it. XD He doesn't like the thought of Bad Luck surpassing Nittle Grasper either. He firmly told Noriko that Bad Luck will never surpass Nittle Grasper, and in his mind, Shuichi will never surpass him as a vocalist. He sings all of the songs Nittle Grasper has performed, although they're not many,^^ only Sleepless Beauty and Shining Collection. Sleepless Beauty is sung a couple of times in the anime and Shining Collection can only be heard in the OAVs.

Ryuichi is also a huge comic relief in the series. He is always around to relief the tension, cheer people up and bring around a good laugh. When Shuichi had a fight with Hiro and was depressed, Ryuichi came along and offered various things in an attempt to cheer Shu-chan up. He even gave Shuichi his prized possession, Kumagoro, the kawaii bunny that he loves to play with.^-^ Ryuichi loves everyone and is very friendly to everyone, even his fans. He feels bad if he's rejected or asked serious questions, as Shuichi did once when he was feeling confused. Ryuichi ended up crying and running off. XD But really, Ryuichi tries to get Shuichi to "shine" on stage and become successful. It was after Ryuichi's conversation and little drawing session^^ with Shuichi that Shu-chan finished the lyrics to Glaring Dream. Ryuichi also helped stall the crowd when Shuichi couldn't get back in time for the Bad Luck concert because he'd gone to New York for Yuki. Because of Ryuichi, Shuichi was able to make it to the concert in time and "shine." :D Sakuma Ryuichi is a remarkable character. The result of Ryuichi walking past Shuichi and ignoring him set Shuichi in a panic state and loses his voice due to all the stress. Ryuichi ignoring him was the breaking point. However, Ryuichi at least partly caused Shuichi to truely "shine" in his live concert in the end by ignoring him, because Shuichi needed to find the shine within himself and he must do it alone. Shuichi has to figure out how to get Yuki back by himself as well. With a little help from Ryuichi's drawings, Shuichi was finally able to retrieve the 'shine' he had lost, come up with the lyrics to Glaring Dream and get his voice back, thus, Shuichi shone.


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