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As said before, Shindou-kun is a very genki individual. While he's not brilliant, he's the most fun-loving out of the cast and he poses as a huge comic relief for the series. Shuichi gets quite a few mood swings though, he's easily depressed, as he was devastated when Yuki told him bluntly that he had no talent. He could not finish his lyrics the next morning, causing Sakano to panic and dramatically attempt suicide. Neither Hiro or Sakano were the least bit bothered by the random person telling Shuichi about his talent. Only Shuichi was distressed, but it is the same distress that led him to Yuki. It's his determination to confront and demand an explanation from Yuki that stopped Yuki in his tracks. Nevertheless, Shuichi tends to let his emotions run wild, he can change his emotions with a drop of a hat, going from genki to depressed to mad, mostly because Yuki's done something relatively nice to him and then shot him down again. <.< But Shuichi truely wants to be loved by Yuki, and Shuichi wants to help Yuki without expecting something in return. This is probably primarily how Shuichi is different from Yuki's past lovers. Whenever Shuichi is down about Yuki, he always goes to Hiro for advice. Singing is the only thing that can make Shuichi genki again even when things aren't going particularly well with Yuki.

Shuichi is also quick to conclusions and decisions. He assumed Mika was Yuki's girlfriend at first, and he directly refused Tohma's suggestion of a new member for Bad Luck without thinking how he could benefit from it. Shuichi also gets angered quickly by jumping to conclusions, as he slapped Hiro later when Hiro agreed with Tohma that they need a new member. It seems Shuichi was the last to realize that the "flaw" Tohma was talking about was another member. Shuichi initially thought that Hiro didn't like the way they were. But the truth is, Hiro just wants Bad Luck to succeed, and to do that, they have to accept a new member. Shuichi also assumed that a 16 year old like Suguru would not be a good member of Bad Luck. Little did he know of the talent Suguru possessed. Shuichi assumes that a new manager would be unacceptable, but K turns out to be the best manager Bad Luck could ever have. Shuichi has many flaws, but that's what makes him unique and interesting.


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