>> Shindou Shuichi - Summary

Shuichi, the star and main character of the show, is a pink haired, super-genki and talented vocalist of the band Bad Luck. Shuichi is usually seen as a bouncy and energetic boy who doesn't quite act his age of 19. While he's not the smartest or the most mature, he comes across as a fun-loving person and he can somehow move others around him. Right from the very start, his appearance captured the fans, as he utters "la li ho!" to his friend and manager/producer. Right away Shuichi's making the viewers laugh with his cute expressions and funny outbursts. But one can see some seriousness in him and how much he loves singing. Tohma and Ryuichi both think of him as an interesting individual. Tohma has never seen someone like Shuichi, innocent and pure, who just wants to love and help Yuki and expect nothing in return. Tohma and K also noticed that Shuichi was a lot like Ryuichi, that goes not only for looks and behavior, but also for talent.^_^

Shuichi's ultimate goal is to succeed as a vocalist and have Bad Luck be a huge hit. Towards the beginning, his wish was only to be second best, as he looked up to Ryuichi and admired him for everything. Shuichi even cut his hair Ryuichi-style and uses the same shampoo as him. o.O He had decided since middle school to be like Ryuichi and sing his heart out. Towards the end of the series, his goal changes slightly. He no longer wants to be second best. He was to shine right along side of Ryuichi. Shuichi is the kind of person who wouldn't hesitate to speak his mind, and he's pretty blunt about it. Considering the fact that he screamed out his proclaimation for Yuki in the middle of his live concert or come up with the most stupid reason for Hiro to return to Bad Luck during a live interview, Shuichi does not hesitate or think about the consequences. However, with the help of Ryuichi, Hiro, Yuki and others, he was able to 'shine' at his performance and succeed as a top vocalist. Whether or not Bad Luck is as good as Nittle Grasper is left for us fans to decide. ^__^

Quick Stats:
Name: Shindou Shuichi
Spelling Alternatives: Shuichi, Shuuichi, Shindou, Shindoo
DOB: April 16th
Age: 19
Blood Type: A


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