>> Fujisaki Suguru - Personality

Being a sixteen year old, Suguru is very talented for his age. Most of the time, he is a calm and collected teen, much more mature than nineteen year old Shuichi, which is kind of ironic. :P Shuichi couldn't believe how good Suguru was when he first heard the synthesized arrangement of the Rage Beat. Workers of the NG Production Company all ran to hear Suguru's arrangement, and were all thrilled and awed by it. Even Ryuichi-sama was applauding and saying it was awesome. Taken by surprise, Shuichi ran to the bathroom and started tearing the toilet paper out.^_^ Other times, Suguru will yell at Shuichi to get a hold of himself because there's a point where Suguru can no longer tolerate Shuichi's immaturity. Nevertheless, the two are good friends and make an awesome team making music.

Suguru first appears in episode 3, when Shuichi slipped on a banana peel and crashed into Suguru.^^ Suguru is a pretty polite, straightforward, ordinary guy, making Shuichi mistaken him for a fan of Bad Luck at first.^^ Tohma recruited him having Bad Luck become famous in mind. He can be a bit demanding at times, pushing Shuichi to get off his lazy butt and practice.XD His goal, as well as Tohma's goal, is to have Bad Luck sell well and become famous. He's quite ambitious and smart. Towards the end, his goal changes to surpassing Seguchi Tohma and Nittle Grasper. He is constantly being compared to Tohma because he is Tohma's cousin and they're both keyboardists. Suguru does have a slight problem with K's ways at first. He did not like how fast Bad Luck was moving, with their first solo concert in two days. The day of the concert, he was forced to play because K held a machine gun to him while he muttered that the artists' opinions don't seem to matter to K. However, he seems to have higher expectations than K. When Bad Luck debuted at number 2 on the charts, K was satisfied. However, Suguru pointed out that Nittle Grasper was number 1. To this K replied that he was acting like an old man. :D


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