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Tohma's pretty multi-faceted character, he is the second member of Nittle Grasper aside from Noriko and Ryuichi, he is the keyboardist along with Noriko. He is president of NG Productions, a huge company that supports several J-pop/rock bands such as ASK and Bad Luck. Tohma is used to getting what he wants, he's a powerful character with many connections. :D He's a very collected and calm character, always greeting people with a warm smile. He is the only person besides Mika to know and understand about Yuki's past. He was the one to find Yuki after he shot his abusers, and he blames himself for Yuki's tragedy. He and Yuki are more than good friends, Tohma thinks of himself as Yuki's guardian. He would go to extreme measures to make sure that Yuki is protected from any sort of harm, physically or emotionally. Yuki is the most important person in his life, he even confesses this. He almost killed Tachi for toying with Yuki and threatening him, and he has told Shuichi more than once to stay away from Yuki after he threw up blood.

Tohma's character is very well rounded, he's a very interesting character and one to love even though he can be evil at times. >D He's very formal, he never wears anything else but a suit or a tidy shirt of some short. No baggy shirts and shorts like Shuichi.^^ He seems to be the head of Nittle Grasper, making decisions such as reuniting after the band separated. After Nittle Grasper reunited, he works both as a the NG president and keyboardist. He likes to multi-task though, he enjoys it and claims he's having fun. XD Tohma seems to be good at everything he does...a keyboardist, company president, cook...o.O In addition, he likes to be in control and pretty much has control over everything. <.< He can influence just about anyone, meaning he has certain methods to get what he wants. Sounds like K, doesn't he? XD

Quick Stats:
Name: Seguchi Tohma
Spelling Alternatives: Touma
DOB: November 20th
Age: 32
Blood Type: B


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