11.06.2007: Broken images fixed. Please notify me if you happen to come across any. cosplay has been updated with 1 image. I also added an LJ Icons section, feel free to contribute!

11.05.2007: Apologies for the incredibly long time DtD went without updates. Real life as well as side projects have detered me from updating this site a bit, but this site is pretty much in its finishing stages as well. Not much content updating this time, only logistics. ainoyume.net has unfortunately disappeared/expired, so DtD has moved to ainoyume.net, probably it's last move. I recently went through and cleaned up the broken images and links. There are still a few broken links that I will get to. The Links page has been updated with 2 new sites (both Yuki shrines), and I took out a bunch of dead links. If you have an active Gravitation site, please feel free to contact me. I have a few more updates gathered on my local drive that I will update the site with at a later time. But at the moment, real life work has my fullest attention.

08.14.2006: DtD is back with a new layout in the lite version! Featuring the hot cover art from the new Gravitation chapters, the various headers contain pairings between Yuki, Shuichi, Ryuichi and Sakano. Other than the layout change, 3 new cosplay images have been added, as well as a new visitor's response regarding the Tohma x Yuki relationship. Finally, a rare interview from Ms. Murakami, conducted in Spain in 2005. Enjoy!

07.20.2004: DtD has reviewed Gravitation DVD 1: Fateful First Encounter! It is located here if you wish to read it. If you would like to submit a review, please send it via the feedback form.

07.06.2004: Reviews are coming in for Gravitation DVD 1: Fateful First Encounter! Please view them in the Visitors section. If you would like to submit a review, please send it via the feedback form.

03.31.2004: Apologies for the temporary disappearance of DtD. The Shounen-ai orG switched hosts, so I had to move back in. XD All in all, nothing's really changed. I organized the site a lot better behind the scenes, created many folders and sorted out some stuff. On the surface, you shouldn't see any changes. If you do come across a broken image or some other mistake though, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, enjoy!

02.23.2004: What's this? Another update in such a short time? It's all because of you, dear visitors (see, you can help increase the updates at DtD). XD This update's all regarding the interactivity here at DtD. Thus, yet another response is added at the feedbacks section. I'm glad visitors are using the Essays and Articles section to interact, while keeping the responses at a mature level. I hope this continues. :3 Then there's a new Fanart under the Entertainment centre. Happy surfing!

02.11.2004: New, refreshing version of DtD on the Graphics heavy side, just in time for Valentine's Day! DtD also brings you another addition of feedbacks for my Essays & Articles. This time, a visitor replies to another visitor's opinions. Lastly, there is now a Newsletter mailing list for DtD, so if you want to know when DtD updates without checking back all the time, join this group!

01.19.2004: *sweatdrops profusely* Looks like I might be going into a habit of updating every couple of months instead of every couple of weeks. The important thing is, I'm still updating, ne? XD Anyway, we have a ton of feedbacks for my Essays & Articles. A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who kindly spent some time to reply with opinions on the various topics. Everyone's opinions were awesome to read and I hope visitors feel the same way. That would be all in this edition. ^^ Hopefully we'll be expecting a new layout soon, but I'm not making any promises. *ducks flying tomatoes* XD

11.01.2003: Apologies for not updating for such a long time. X_x College has proven to be more time-consuming than I thought. Anyway, we have 2 new fanart submissions. Thanks to both for contributing! Also, 1 new lyric in the Lyrics section, the eagerly anticipated English translation to The Rage Beat. Enjoy! Finally, as repayment for going so long without an update, we have a brand new song to download! :D Smashing Blue is available in the music section, in the Entertainment Centre. Now then, you can vote for the next song at the poll. Till next time na no da!

08.13.2003: Hoy. Addiction has been updated with 98 new images in the B&W scans section. That completes Addiction's coverage on volume 06 of the manga. XD Volume 07 will be next.

08.02.2003: 1 new wallpaper in the Entertainment centre with Ryuichi as the coverboy. It matches the current layout. XD Also, 1 new winamp skin, also matching the current layout. --; Also, all the songs are back online, even though I deleted 3 of them (Jurejurenaru Kisetsu, No Style and Love Stuff) to lighten up on the bandwidth. Finally, there's one new fanfiction that was submitted, so check it out here. The Fan Submission Guidelines has also been updated.

07.21.2003: New layout, as plainly seen. XD All that pink was really starting to get to me. The Purchase section has once again been updated. This time, I switched the overall layout format and made it a little more organized and more detailed. The improved version features descriptions of just about every major official product is listed, so check it out! Also, a new addition to the Entertainment Centre, the Gravitation Jigsaw Puzzle! It's strangely addicting. XD Finally, I made new images for the character quiz, so retake it if you'd like, and check out the images. XD

07.08.2003: Ok, since AX (Anime Expo 2003) just ended, I'm sure everyone's got Gravitation cosplay pictures. So, send them in! If you want to share your cosplay images with the rest of the Gravi community, please e-mail me with the link to your images (no attachments please ._.) Credit will go respectively, so send them in now! XD Also, 1 new Visitor's Response, again commenting on the dubbed Gravitation. I also had a chance to surf around and updated the Purchase section with more online stores. Finally, there are new Link DtD buttons for linkage. XD;; I forgot to mention these on the last update.

06.07.2003: More fanfiction! chapters 2 and 3 of Anomay's Piece of Love is available at DtD now. Also, Addiction has 102 new images in volume 5 of the B & W section. See the updates section at Addiction for more details.

05.22.2003: I apologize for the lack of updates for the past month or so, but schoolwork must come first, ne? XD Anyway, we have 2 new pieces of fanfiction for your enjoyment. :D There're also 2 new Visitor's Feedback, 1 regarding the dub of Gravi and 1 regarding another season of Gravi, so please feel free to check those out. Finally, Addiction is back! Look for new black and white images soon.

03.08.2003: I accidentally deleted the old guestbook earlier this week, so I set up another one in a different location. It has the same layout and everything, but feel free to visit it anyway and leave your feedback. :P I also fixed the Tic Tac Toe games, since they were still in the old layout format and all the images were broken. x.X

02.21.2003: What's new this time, you ask? Quite a few things, especially in the fanworks section. One new fanart submission, thanks a bunch to Zsilee for the submission! We also have two new fanfic submissions, one from Anomay (Tatsuha x Ryuichi goodness XD) and the other from Tasia Chiba (very sweet :3). So run along and have a look. Addiction has a minor update, explaining the reason behind some 'broken' images. Visit the updates on Addiction for more details.

02.02.2003: New layout, a bit pink since Valentine's Day is approaching. :3 Also, I've posted Fan Submission Guidelines under the Fanworks section for anyone wishing to post their fanworks on DtD. Please read these guidelines before submitting. Thanks. :3 Finally, I placed all the links onto one links page, since there aren't many Gravi sites.

01.10.2003: More avatars added.

01.04.2003: Happy New Year! It's been almost a month without updates here. o_o Don't worry, I haven't disappeared. Now then, we have one new fanart submitted, but I accidentally deleted the e-mail so I am now looking for the artist. Meanwhile, visit the fanart section in the Entertainment Centre for the fanart. Also, I've been getting opinions in my gbook about my dubbing essay mostly. So, I've decided to open up a response section for those of you who want to respond and write your own essay/article. Just make sure your language is appropriate and your arguments reasonable. I love opinions and it'll be great to have different views and theories. In an case, a feedback form has been set up for your convenience. So if you've got an opinion, send away! Also a new section, avatars.

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