>> Eiri Yuki - Family

Yuki has many people who care about him. He's very fortunate to have all of them for support when he's going through tough times.

Yuki has one sister by the name of Seguchi Mika. She is married to Seguchi Tohma, the president of NG Productions. She cares deeply for Yuki and is devoted to her family. She tries everything to get Yuki to go back home to their parents. However Yuki has refused but later does go back home for a visit. Yuki used to call her Mikarin before he shut himself away from others. You can learn more about Mika in her section.^_^

Yuki also has one younger brother named Tatsuha. He's a bit on the manipulative and molesting side.^^ He and Yuki look a lot alike except for the black hair. Infact, Shuichi couldn't tell the difference between them and he asked "Yuki, what happened to the color of your hair?" (Although that could simply be Shuichi's dumb side kicking in :P) For more information about Tatsuha, visit his section.

Yuki and Tohma have been friends for quite a while. Tohma is fond of Yuki, but doesn't show it like Shuichi does. Tohma is Yuki's brother-in-law and he also cares greatly for Eiri-san. He is more Yuki's guardian than anything else, and he does his best to look after him and comfort him whenever needed. When Tachi troubles Yuki, Tohma steps in and pushes Tachi into an upcoming car to warn him. <_< He also basically ended Tachi's singing career.^^ Tohma does have a bit of a envious streak towards Shuichi, so you get the idea that Tohma loves Yuki in a different way than just a guardian.^_^ For more information about Tohma, visit his section.

Although Shuichi is the last one to know Yuki compared to Mika, Tatsuha and Tohma, he's the one that's able to be closest to Yuki and force him to exhibit feelings towards him. Shuichi's been the one to influence him the most. His love for Yuki drives him to become number one in Japan and surpass all of Yuki's previous lovers. To learn more about Shuichi, visit his section.

Yuki's father lives at his temple. He is very religious (buddhist) and proper. Yuki is always raising his temper and making him mad over a snide remark he's made. Yuki's father fully supports his relationship with Ayaka, and encourages Yuki to be with her. Yuki doesn't get along with his father very well, and that's partly why he has no intention to return home.


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