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Yuki is probably the most obnoxious and stubborn character in Gravitation, but there's something about him that makes people like him.^_^ He's very caring deep down inside, although he'd rather be dead than admit that he has any feelings for anyone or anything. There are several occasions where we see Yuki's caring side, such as when he found out that Shuichi had been beaten up by Tachi, the lead singer of ASK, and his henchmen. There's also a presumably homeless cute feline that's often seen outside of his mansion, and Yuki sort of takes care it and feeds it. Yuki was not always so grim and untrusting. He was once a carefree and genki young boy (hard to imagine ne?) but an incident in his past caused him to change. He's a very stong person though, both physically and mentally. Even with memories of his past, he's able to endure it like a man and able to live on. However, the incident does scar him, and he seldom smiles, I think he only did once when Shuichi was trying to comfort him when he was crying. Shuichi was saying something stupid and then laughing hysterically, and that seemed to relax Yuki. You have 1 image of him smiling during the ending credits. He spends most of his time writing love novels, and he's quite good in them too. He's won Japanese Literature Awards and he's very popular in Japan. His love novels have violence and death in them though, he thinks it makes the story more intersting.

When faced with the topic of romance, Yuki couldn't be more at a loss. He has trouble finding a decent way to express his love for Shuichi other than ridiculously glomping all over his significant other like Shuichi does. Therefore Yuki tends to insult Shuichi in practically every way possible, constantly calling him annoying, irritating, bothersome, and an idiot. What he does is use verbal irony, since deep in his heart, he really likes Shuichi and finds him "cute." Yuki keeps his promises, as he promised Shuichi he'd take him out on a date if Bad Luck sold a million records (only to K's persistance however). When they were on the date, Yuki did pretty much everything Shuichi wanted, which was a change since Shuichi usually does everything he thinks Yuki would like.

Yuki has a kick butt car, I believe it's a Mercedes, because I remember seeing the sign once and it's mentioned in the manga. It's jet black and it can go up to 180mph without doing harm to itself. He's pretty good at basically everything, writing, arcade games, in bed, etc. XD Otherwise, he has some bad habits. He smokes at least a pack a day, drinks mildly, eats practically nothing, never exercises, but manages to stay in shape. Guess it comes with the genes. :P

Yuki may seem like a heartless person on the outside, but he's really a sensitive and compassionate guy who would go far to protect someone he loves.


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