>> Eiri Yuki - Summary

Eiri Yuki is quite an interesting character. Having a very stubborn and blunt personality, it's amazing how many women fall for him regardless. As an established writer of love novels, he's won Japanese Literature Awards for his notable skills. He is very critical of anything in writing, and this is probably one of the reasons he coldly insults Shuichi's lyrics. Yuki does not mind isolation and has an expression of indifference and uninterest for the crazy fangirls who pursue him. Yuki is quite isolated in the beginning of the series and lives in a gigantic mansion by himself. He is more dominant and opts mostly for his pleasure only. Upon his first meets with Shindou Shuichi, his dislike for the boy is very apparent. However, Yuki is not dumb, and he knows that Shuichi has feelings for him since their first meeting in the park. For his own reasons, Yuki kisses Shuichi around the second day they meet, even though he once told Shuichi that he wasn't interested in other guys.

Yuki has a habit of smoking and drinking, but not too excessively. One may conclude that he smokes to ease the pain of his past, for he's been trying for the entire series to forget the memories. He takes medicine and tranquilizers on a regular basis to help him endure the pain of his memories, but Shuichi's presence and his uncanny resemblance to Yuki's younger self has forced him to slowly recall his past. This is why he was later hospitalized, for his condition had become worse. Yuki tends to push Shuichi away again and again, repeatedly saying negative things to him and lowering Shuichi's spirits. However, Yuki's simply trying to keep Shuichi from harm, since he thinks Shuichi is better off without him.

Aside from Shuichi, Yuki has many other people who love him. His sister Mika cares quite a bit about him, but Yuki always pushes her away and does not tell her anything. Mika's husband Tohma also expresses feelings towards Yuki, not only as his brother-in-law, but even more at times. It seems Tohma may have a thing for Yuki.^_^

Quick Stats:
Real Name: Eiri Uesugi
Pen Name: Eiri Yuki
DOB: February 23rd
Age: 22
Blood Type: AB


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